Top Pest Control Tips for Businesses

Commercial control pest services can help save a business money, time, and reputation. With a high number of social media reviews on restaurants, hotels, and even retail stores, a consumer’s review about discovering pest infestation in your property is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Door Sweeps

Usually, pests believe that pests gain access through cracks from the foundation and walls. However, doors are the easiest entry points for pests. It is advisable to consider door sweeps as they are an efficient and economical way of keeping pests out of the facility. In this way, you can prevent rodents and insects from crawling through gaps under doors.

Floor Drains

When the food waste gets down the drain, you may think it has disappeared. The truth is that residual food particles create odors that can attract pests. Therefore, your janitorial or maintenance team should ensure the drains are not used as much and are inspected on a regular basis.


As you know, landscaping can transform your property. However, if it is not maintained well, it can attract a wide range of pests. For instance, certain species of trees, plants, and flowers attract a variety of wildlife and insects. It is a good idea to minimize the use of trees and plants. If you have questions about plants to avoid, you should ask your pest control company.

Recycling and Trash Bins

You will be surprised to learn that pests like to hide and invade recycling and garbage bins. That is because traces of drinks and foods accumulate at the bottom of the bins. You should ensure that recycling and trash bins have self-closing lids and ought to be emptied on a regular basis.

Standing Water

As you know, mosquitoes create their breeding areas on standing water. Also, cockroaches and rats can swim. Therefore, it is advisable to look around the property and get rid of standing water. Ensure you look for plant pots, parking lot potholes, and birdbaths. Also, you should check hoses, automatic watering systems, and sprinklers to ensure they are not overwatering your garden.

The above are some helpful tips for controlling pest infestation. It is always a good idea to partner with a reputable pest control company.