Tea Bags- To Squeeze Or Not To Squeeze

Just the other day, I stopped at one of my best restaurants for breakfast. I made my order and as I was awaiting it to come, an elderly couple in the room caught my attention. The man was reading a newspaper while enjoying a cup of coffee, the lady was dipping a tea bag in and out her cup of tea. After she finished, she wrapped the tea bag around a spoon and to my surprise, she squeezed up to the last drop out of it.
You might be as confused as I got that day on whether to squeeze tea bags to the last drop or to just leave it like that after several dipping in our tea cups.

Benefits of squeezing

No leakingtea

We have all used tea bags and experienced the leaking after dipping it in and out of our cups. Sometimes if not careful, the leaking liquid has messed up our clothes. To avoid the problem of a leaking tea bag, then the only solution is squeezing it dry after use.

Easy to dispose

A dry tea bag is much easy to dispose than a leaking one. When it is dry, you can comfortably place it on the restaurant or dinner table, compared to one that is dripping all over. It is less messy on the table and table clothes is witnessed from a dry tea bag. Even when thrown in the dustbins, a dry one will be less messy. It will not attract insects or bring a bad smell easily.


Some people will argue it out in terms of being economical. They see throwing them as a wastage. We bought the pieces hence they should be fully utilized, squeezing it out dry brings a feeling of my money did not go wasted.

Disadvantages of squeezing

Can being neat or clean and economical end up ruining your great breakfast? Below are some of the bad side of squeezing dry your tea bag.

Bitter tea

Tannings and oils that make your cup bitter are released when you dry up your packet completely. This might be the cause of you not enjoying your morning cup. Hence, you should be very careful when drying the packet and getting all the contents.

Release fannings in your tea

teaWhile trying to get all the contents out, you might end up breaking the packet and allowing all the materials in your drink. This will be an embarrassment and also a loss to you. The solution to a dripping tea bag is gently squeezing it out and disposing them in a slightly soggy manner. But if you still think squeezing is better, herbal tea bags will work for you. Their full potential is got from squeezing dry the contents.…