Benefits of Micro Dosing

Micro dosing has gained popularity over the years owing to its effectiveness in changing personality to be better. It involves the consumption of a low, sub-hallucinogenic dose of mushrooms psychedelic substances. There are many edible mushrooms with varied concentrations of chemicals substances that are of immense significance in the body. Many misconceptions revolve around micro-dosing. But people are getting more enlightened about it.
Moreover, they have embraced the products and use them properly. I also learned about the fantastic effects of shrooms, and I buy and use them regularly. But before knowing where to buy them, I had a tough time Looking for a dispensary where I can buy shrooms for microdosing.

Below are some of the benefits of microdosing:

Magic Mushrooms Treats Drug-Addiction

cures drug addictionMicro dosing has been proven to be the right drug addiction treatment. If you have developed an addiction, taking psychedelics can be used to sort this. To be specific, it helps in treating addictions associated with nicotine and cocaine. The addict begins to let go of the habit with appropriate micro-dosing. Addiction can be a dangerous habit, especially on drugs with high chemical content such as cocaine. Magic mushrooms can help you a lot to overcome this chronic behavior. Stopping addiction means a better and productive life.

Reduces Depression

Psychoactive mushrooms release a chemical called Psilocybin. This substance has been used for a very long time for cultural and spiritual purposes. Neuroscience reveals that Psilocybin has a special interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to consciousness. This helps in keeping depression checked. A single dose can be used to eradicate depression symptoms effectively. It may vary from one patient to the other, but the right amount will produce excellent results.

Boosts Creativity and General Productivity

enhances creativityPsilocybin and psychedelics have been proven to boost one’s creativity. It enables one to come to a state of consciousness. A conscious mind is productive. Tamed depression is a sure way to enhance one’s creativity and levels of productivity.

Increases Assertiveness and Positive Shifts in Personality

Many things in life can make people lose their personality. Stress is a primary reason. The openness and cheerful character that people are born with is wiped by depression and stress that invades people’s lives as time goes by. Psilocybin has been used to treat such cases and the results have proven very credible. A high dose of Psilocybin has been proven to help contain states of negative personalities and bring the victim to the original behaviors.

Magic mushrooms, depending on their varied types, have immense benefits. Most are associated with the well-being of the user and that is why they have been used to treat ailments related to the patient’s psychology.…