Why you should get a self cleaning cat litter box

There are very many reasons to have a cat, but one that totally contradicts them has to be cleaning the litter box. Many people take refuge in the idea that cats are intelligent enough to do their business on a litter box, but the sad truth is that they are nasty and cat poop stinks, especially if it is not cleaned for a long time. Good news is that humans are excellent, that is why we are known for taking the bull by the horn whenever we are faced with a challenge.

Because people got tired of cleaning the litterbox constancy, while their cats lay carefree on the couches, some brilliant mind created a litter box that automatically cleans itself, needing very little human intervention. Among the cat equipment to buy, these automated litter boxes have been rated the highest for 2017, let us have a look at why this is the case.

Features of self-cleaning cat litter box

No smellcat cartoon

Top on the list of why people hate cat litter boxes, is they stink pretty bad. That is why many cat owners will be happy to learn that most if not all of the self-cleaning litter boxes come with a way to get rid of the smell. This will make it easier to place the litter box at any position without having to worry about the smell. Make sure this feature is included before buying a specific self-cleaning cat litter box.


This is a very interesting feature. It makes it very easy to maintain, and we believe, even fun for our feline partners. The feature is very useful as it introduces an element of cleanliness. There is a reason as to why we flush our litter, why not extend the same to our cats?

Maintenance free

A traditional cat litter box is full of maintenance, cat groomingmaking it a problematic and frustrating experience. It is exciting news to hear that the self-cleaning cat litter box is maintenance free. Well, that goes for the most part, except for when you have to empty the litter box’s tank or when it breaks down.

These are some of the top features of the self-cleaning litter box. Make sure to look out for them when you get one for your awesome cat. Cats are awesome and lovable animals, therefore make their lives enjoyable and get a better experience yourself, by getting one of this awesome litter boxes.…