Standup Paddle-boarding

Although stand-up paddle-boarding is something that is new to most people, it is slowly becoming popular among people as an outdoor sporting activity. According to the findings of a study that was conducted in 2013 in the US to find out what outdoor sporting activities people engaged in the most, stand up paddling workout was found to have the highest number of first-time participants.

This is because many people now realize that although paddle-boarding is an outdoor sporting activity, there are tremendous health benefits that they can gain from it. Here are some of the health benefits of stand up paddle-boarding exercises.

Improves balance

asdfghjkhgfdfghjSince you will need to stand upright on your board, you will need to have a lot of strength in your legs to maintain your balance. This will enable you to develop a good balance that will also help you in your day-to-day activities.

Reduces stress

Water is known to have some soothing effects that will help to calm you down whenever you feel stressed. All the stress that you feel will melt away as you catch some waves.

Great for recovery

Paddle-boarding exercises are low impact exercises. This makes it a good exercise to engage in even if you have an injury. In fact, it is great for injury recovery since it will help you to increase your strength without causing you any harm gently.

Improves cardiovascular health

Stand up paddleboarding exercises help to improve heart health. Exercises are even known to reverse some of the risk factors that cause heart diseases. Since the heart is made of muscles, it becomes stronger as a result of doing exercises. This will enable the heart to perform at maximum level by pumping more blood through the body.

Improves endurance

When you engage in standup paddle-boarding several times, you will notice how your muscles will be able to withstand physical exercises for longer without feeling tired.

Burns extra calories

Standup paddle-boarding will enable you to burn all the extra calories in your body that would otherwise make you gain too much wait. This will protect you from all the diseases and complications that are associated with being overweight.

Connections with nature

xdfghjjhgfdghjWhen you are paddle-boarding, you will be out there in the water, and this will give you an opportunity to engage with nature. This will help to keep you calm and enable you to have a positive mental attitude.